Here is some David, enjoy. (:

Here is some David, enjoy. (:

Dear Followers,

My friend has joined tumblr!

He needs some followers, so if you enjoy Evanescence, Kerli, In this Moment, etc. Follow him!





Alright, so this one will be pure Doctor Who, True Blood, and Harry Potter…. and other assorted things like that…

So if you are following for any other reason…. SH, SI, or depression etc. go follow my other blog…

My other blog…

There we are, I will still be on this one, but my more personal stuff will be going on the other.

So please go follow if you wish.

A different blog…

Thinking about making another blog for personal things that way the followers that follow for Doctor Who won’t feel uncomfortable.

So if I make another one for personal stuff, who will follow?

Trying again… one last time…

I am giving the Butterfly Project another go…. and I’m close to killing them… they’ve only been there for an hour….

What is wrong with me!

David Tennant

I will watch the Olympics this year, for one reason and one only….

I want David Tennant to be the one carrying the torch…

If this doesn’t happen I will be very very unhappy!